MAGNETIC SHIELDING - Lead plates placed in the walls of home cinema speakers to prevent the magnets within the speaker drivers from damaging a nearby television screen. Essential for centre speakers.  
MID-RANGE (MIDBAND) - The Frequency range where the majority of all audio sound is found within a soundtrack. Below the Midband is found the low frequency Bass information, while above is found the high frequency Treble.  
MINIDISC (MD) - The digital home recording format that beat DCC in the race to become the next generation recording format to replace compact cassette. It uses a 64mm disc contained in a protective plastic case that can record up to 74 minutes of digital stereo audio. Recordings can be enhanced by adding text information alongside the audio to display track title, artist and any other information you want. Text is displayed on the screen at the front of the deck. Prerecorded discs are read by an optical laser, like with CD, while blank discs are recorded magnetically using a laser and read optically.  
MONOBLOC - An separate Mono power amplifier that only handles one audio channel. By separating each audio channel into separate mono signals, interference between the different channels is removed. One Monobloc amplifier is required for each audio channel - two for stereo and five for Dolby Digital or DTS. A multichannel pre-amplifier splits the source audio into separate channels and outputs the sound to each of the monobloc amplifiers as a Line Level signal.  
MODEM - A device used to send and receive digital information over a telephone line and common on computers with Internet access. For Home Cinema, modems are used in digital cable and satellite television receivers to send information back to the service provider, to order movies or services using your remote control, for example.  
MONITOR - The term given to video equipment used to display a picture from a source component.  
MOVIES ON DEMAND - The term given to digital television services that have the capability to start a movie when you select it on your remote control.  
MOVIES NEARLY ON DEMAND - Digital television service that starts the same movie over a number of channels with the start times staggered at 10 to 15 minute intervals. When you select the movie, the start will be no more than a few minutes away whatever time of the day you request.  
MOVING COIL - Found in some record player cartridges. A series of coils move in relation to a fixed magnet to create an electrical signal that can be sent to an amplifier. The movement of the coil is relative to the movement of the stylus in the record's surface.  
MOVING MAGNET - Found in some record player cartridges. A magnet moves in relation to a fixed coil to create an electrical signal that can be sent to an amplifier. The movement of the magnet is relative to the movement of the stylus on the record's surface.  
MP-3 - MPEG Layer 3 - the new technology used for encoding, transferring, decoding and recording music files from the Internet. The audio data is compressed about 12 times which reduces downloading times. Unique MP-3 recorders can be plugged into a Personal Computer to expand the compressed signal and playback the original tune.  
MPEG - A type of digital data compression. MPEG technology is used for audio and video compression on DVD, for encoding digital surround sound (MPEG-2) and for storing audio information downloaded from the Internet (MP-3).  
MULTI-BIT - A type of data processing used by some DAC's. The digital information, stored as a sequence of individual Bits, is processed in groups of 8, 10, 16, 20 or 24 Bits at a time. See also Bitstream.  
MULTI-STRAND - Identifies a type of cable with a number of separate conductor strands within a single insulated casing. See also Solid Core.