The Home Cinema City offers a detailed introduction and reference guide the world of home cinema, ideal for the complete novice, but also offering many things that will interest the experienced home cinema enthusiast. Inside you'll find detailed information and step-by-step guides to setting up and using a range on different components to create a home cinema that best suits your needs, and your budget! There's a guide to DVD, featuring the latest DVD and home cinema news, and a guide to the sound formats used in the home and in the movie theatres, plus lots of other information about widescreen, video sources, amplifiers, processors, surround sound and cable connections. The System Building pages will explain in plain english the many options available to you when you are creating a new system, or what you can do when the upgrade bug strikes.

Using jargon-free text backed up by simple and informative diagrams, the Home Cinema City is the perfect reference site for online help and advice. Any questions you may have that are not completely answered here can be asked personally by E-mail, and I'll do my very best to get you an answer. So turn down the lights, break out the nibbles, and sit back - the movie theatre experience in your own living room awaits...


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